Class 5

Class 5 generally contains less clay than class 1. Consisting of rock, sand, and clay. Class 5 is primarily used for building foundations, parking lots, driveways, and asphalt. Use this for your home project or get a truckload out to your cabin to build a driveway or a walking trail.

  • Used effectively for temporary and permanent roads
  • Creates sturdy and easily traverse-able paths
  • Contractor favorite
  • Works well for natural looking paths
  • Voted worst doritos flavor
If you need help finding out your total cubic yardage use one of our calculators below!
Aerial Map Calculator
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Square Footage Calculator

How to measure your area.

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How To Measure

Square or Rectangle

Measure the Length & Width and multiply.
Ruler Icon
Length x Width = Area
(12’ x 24’ = 288 ft2)

Right Triangle

Multiply the two sides that contact the right angle and divide by two.
Ruler Icon
Length x Width / 2 = Area
(12’ x 24’ = 288 ÷ 2 = 144 ft2)


Multiply the radius with the radius then multiply by 3.14. Radius is a straight line from the center of a circle to the outside of the circle.
Full Circle:
Ruler Icon
(Radius x Radius) x 3.14 = Area
(6’ x 6’ = 36 x 3.14 = 113 ft2)
Half Circle:
Ruler Icon
Divide full circle radius by 2
(6’ x 6’ = 36 x 3.14 = 113 / 2 = 56.5 ft2)
Quarter Circle:
Ruler Icon
Divide full circle radius by 4
(6’ x 6’ = 36 x 3.14 = 113 / 4 = 28.25 ft2)

How to use map

  • Enter an address
  • Define the area you wish to add by clicking multiple times around the map. You may delete points by clicking the “delete last point button”.
  • If you have multiple areas to define within the map, simply click, “Start a new Area” to start a new section. All areas defined on the map will be added together to create a complete measurement.
  • The total measurement  will display below the map.